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Custom Kiosks

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Custom Kiosk Builder

Design a basic kiosk today with our online interactive KioskBuilder. Change styles, customize the color, add a header! This will help get the gears turning in your head!

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Are you in need of a kiosk built to your exacting specifications and utility? We can design and build a kiosk that is fitted with your choice of custom kiosk hardware and software. This will allow your unit to display interactive information, sell gift cards, and do virtually anything else that you need it to.

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Custom Kiosks


Choose Your Hardware

You select what hardware you want in your kiosk, and we will build your kiosk around it. Since our hardware utilizes USB technology, it is easy to upgrade your hardware. We eliminate the use of messy "spaghetti wires" and we don't force you to buy hardware from us. You can choose to buy your own!

Style / Mount

Choose your style of Kiosk. (Large, small, thin, wide) and choose if your kiosk will be free standing or mounted. Stand out from your competition! Work with one of our engineers to create a custom shape for your kiosk and create something that is truly custom.

Choose Your Colors

Match your kiosk with your business colors. We offer over 1000 powder coating options. Why powder coat? Powder Coating is more durable and less likely to scratch or chip in comparison to more traditional painting methods.

Choose Your Graphics

We can wrap your whole kiosk with graphics, or leave it minimal. Make your kiosk seamlessly fit in with your store's branding. We can add custom decals or magnets designed to match your look. Want more? You can also apply a fully customized user interface.

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Need software to go along with your new kiosk? GoToKiosk can do that! GoToKiosk's team of talented design wizards and developers can create the look and functionality you are trying to capture. Say cheese!

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